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In BLESS THIS HOME, poet Alison Woods chronicles a personal sojourn of survival and solace, from growing up in New York City with both parents consumed by illness and addiction, to ill-fated love on the edge of the Louisiana Bayou. A carnival, a circus, a magic show becomes metaphor for Woods’ past and the restlessness she carries as she explores the roles of daughter, wife, single mother, and lover, when no role models are present. 

Through observation, prayer, and fierce determination, BLESS THIS HOME seeks to uncover what it takes to create a blessed home from scratch.


Fiercely felt and finely rendered, Alison Woods’ poems invite us all to share in the “makeshift prayer-work” of her quest to find a blessed home.

Within these pages you will find sorrow and solace, blessings, and odes, lessons as great as the cosmos, and as tiny as an ant. Every poem is a glowing treasure.

– Alisa Amador, Singer-songwriter

Inside these pages is a poetry of passionate witness and hopeful wondering through precision metaphors (“algae on a conch”) and a sound-scape of softly assonant or jarring word pairings. Woods is masterful with pacing; her stop-start motion reveals a mind knocking about the lines in ways that resonate beyond the lines. Things are hidden: rhymes and word play are grounded in vernacular goings on (“rattle of dishes on a knick-knack shelf”) that stop you in your tracks.

– Diane Mehta, Author of Forest with Castanets

What a joy and what a solace to have spent time with the elegant and ardent poems of Bless This Home. Here is the story of a life—from the questions of childhood through the exhilaration of falling in love and on through the challenges of motherhood—that, in its particular and personal details, both reflect and teach us something about our own. Bless This Home is a prayer for all of us.

– Lynn Melnick, Author of Landscape with Sex and Violence