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New Forest, New Forest, Winner of the New Women’s Voice Prize in Poetry, Finishing Line Press.

Select Poems

To The Rocker at Stop & Shop, The Westchester Review, 2017

Canary, Connecticut River Review, 2017

Sixteen, Chronogram, 2016

A Shared Life, The Kean Review, Summer 2007

American Folk Art, Salamander, Vol. 5, No. 2

Baking Cupcakes,, Oct./Nov. 2009

Canary, Connecticut River Review, Sept. 2017

Devotion Sings Its Own Song, Poetry East #60, Spring 2007

Eyes, Onthebus (No. 5)

First View of the Infinite, Poetry East #60, Spring 2007

Geometry in a Field of Goldenrod, Rattapallax, Spring 2004

Good Fortune, The Paris Review, Winter 2000/2001

Hirschfeld’s Ninas, The Paris Review, Winter 2000/2001

Ice Dancing, Poetry East #60, Spring 2007

Ice Fishing, The Kean Review, Summer 2007

If I Be, Western Humanities Review, Fall 1998

Independence Day,, Spring 2008

Is That All There Is?, The Same, 2008

Lena and the Flying Cranes, Rattle, Vo. 1, No. 4

Less Is More, Poetry East, Fall 2003

Medusa's Apology, Rattle, Vo. 1, No. 4

Movement, Westchester Review

Oh Camembert, Bliss Issue, Poetry East, Spring, 2008, & Food Issue, 2017

Oz, The Formalist, Vol. 8, Issue 1

Pandemonium, The National Poetry Review, Jan. 2005

Pandora’s Box, Rattapallax, Vol. 8

Sixteen, Chronogram

So Much Goes Into it That Can’t Be Known, Poetry East, Fall 2003

Tether,, Jan. 2004

The Karma of Lost Objects, The Paris Review, Jan. 2004

The Transient Rose, The Kean Review, Summer 2007

Tour, The Wanderlust Review, Feb. 2010

Twenty-One Hours, The Kean Review, Summer 2007

Upon Finding My Old Waitress in a Deli Far From Home, Poetry East #60, Spring 2007

Vertigo, Onthebus, No. 7

Vow, The Same, 2008

Wooden Tulips,, Jan. 2004